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Ally's remarkable work ethic and dedication have recently earned her a well-deserved promotion to the position of General Manager at Lucille. Despite leaving behind an executive career to join the restaurant industry in August 2021, Ally quickly proved herself to be an indispensable member of the team. She began as a server and steadily climbed the ranks to become the Asst. General Manager, thanks to her exceptional organizational skills, flexibility, and unwavering commitment to excellence.  Ally's colleagues hold her in high esteem, respecting her confidence and resilience as a strong and effective leader. Her background in design brings a fresh creative perspective to her role, and her expertise in collaboration and project management continues to drive the team's success. Ally is dedicated to creating a positive and respectful work environment, placing service and team training at the forefront of her priorities.  As General Manager, Ally will lead by example, continuing to drive the restaurant to new heights of achievement. Her commitment to the team, combined with her unwavering pride in her work, makes her an invaluable asset to Lucille.

In 2021 I dropped my resume at several downtown restaurants looking for a job. How incredibly lucky am I that Lucille is where I ended up. I felt immediately welcomed by my managers and peers, and inspired to work hard for our customers, the community, and myself. It's been an honor to work with and learn from so many incredible people, and now as General Manager, I aspire to create a space where folks feel as welcome as I did when I first walked through the doors. I'm excited to lead a team that is passionate about hospitality and fosters creativity, individuality, and teamwork. 

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Marty is a dedicated and passionate chef who has been an integral part of Lucille's success. With his extensive knowledge of Lucille operations and his exceptional ability to motivate the team, Marty has quickly become an expert in running a successful service. His positive and upbeat demeanor is infectious, and he always strives to bring positivity to the workplace. Under Marty's leadership, Lucille continues to push quality and deliciousness. Marty's ability to curate top-tier talent is impressive. Marty is beloved by his team and other staff members at Lucille. His empathy is boundless. He treats everyone with respect and goes out of his way to make everyone feel welcome. Marty embodies our standards for employee treatment, and he is a shining example of what it means to be a great leader.

"I feel incredibly grateful for the opportunity to lead such a talented team here at Lucille. My approach to leadership is to always put people first. I believe that when you take care of your team and create a positive work environment, the rest falls into place. I am committed to fostering an environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and supported. By doing so, we can all work together to create exceptional experiences for our guests and push the boundaries of what's possible in the culinary world. I'm excited to continue to grow and learn alongside this amazing team, and I look forward to all the exciting things we'll achieve together in the future."

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Since April 2021, Gray has been a part of Lucille's team, starting at the host stand and transitioning to serving before naturally progressing into the Front of House Manager role in October 2022. Gray is dedicated to promoting a kind and inclusive atmosphere, and their leadership style, which is detail-oriented, serves as an inspiration to others. Their expertise in guest services is exceptional, and they prioritize kindness and open communication in all areas, from managing Front of House operations to leading the staff and overseeing hiring and training. Gray's unwavering passion is to maintain the warm and welcoming environment at Lucille, a passion they exhibit every day.

"Lucille is a space where I not only get to foster a community where we are constantly learning from each individual's experience, but I also learn how to be a kinder, more compassionate leader from our wonderful team everyday."




Zury has been an integral part of Lucille joining us back in August 2017. Her vibrant personality illuminates any room she enters, and her unwavering commitment to her work is unmatched. Zury's profound understanding of Lucille's operations has been instrumental in keeping the restaurant running smoothly and consistently. In recognition of her outstanding leadership skills, Zury was recently promoted to the role of Production Manager in July 2022. Her exceptional leadership has facilitated the production team's efficiency and organization, ensuring the smooth running of the restaurant's operations. We are extremely grateful for Zury's talents and expertise, and Lucille would not be Lucille with out her!

"I love coming into work and I enjoy being there!