Chloe started her career with Lucille as a server during the height of the pandemic in August of 2020 and thrived not only in guest experience, but as a a leader for her peers, showing poise, generosity, and positivity. Chloe worked her way up to Asst. General Manager in September 2021, as a leader of Lucille's front of house team, focusing on service, training, and culture, and promoted to General Manager in March 2022.


Chloe has worked hard to create a sustainable, welcoming, and inclusive environment at Lucille, one that champions service excellence, humility, and knowledge. This is accomplished by her detailed approach to management combined with her positive focused demeanor, poise, confidence, trustworthiness, and immense personal style.


Chloe comes to Lucille not only with a service industry background as a bartender and server here in Madison, but as a University Administrator and Editor in Arts Management working for such establishments such as The Madison Review Literary Journal, The University of Wisconsin-Madison, and the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art. Chloe has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Communication Arts from University of Wisconsin-Madison.



Ally exited the executive world to bring her talents to Lucille nearly a year

ago, and has brought organization, flexibility, and pride to the restaurant

during her time as a server, shift lead, and now Asst. General Manager! Ally's

resilience and immovable confidence in her position makes her a leader the team looks up to, and she works hard to ensure strong communication across the board.

Ally returns to the service to the service industry from her career as a full

time Graphic Designer for T-Max Graphics in Muncie, Indiana. Ally's proclivity for design brings a unique flair of creative excellence to the team. Aside from her collaborative and project management capabilities, this special quality brings unmatched talent to the role.

Alongside her gifts, Ally is focused on cultivating a positive and respect based environment as she focuses on service and training.



Hanna is a veteran in the service industry space, with deep roots in the Madison community. She began her career at Lucille in June of 2020, moving from host to server, and working through the challenges of the pandemic. Later in 2020, she obtained the Front of House Manager title. She is a guest services maven, and her detail oriented prowess is unparalleled. We are thrilled to welcome her back to the team as she manages Front of House operations, leads the staff, and works closely in hiring and training.


Hanna brings infectious energy and kind communication to Lucille, and is dedicated to upholding an inclusive culture and welcoming environment. Her managerial excellence is accomplished with standards of high quality hospitality which are apparent to all who work and interact with her.


Hanna comes to Lucille from a vast background in service. Her attention to detail in the environment around her allows her to create a true hospitality experience with finesse and flair.


The restaurant business is at its heart a trade, built on the shoulders of folks with endless energy and passion for their team and their work. To lead it successfully, it takes an intimate understanding of the inner-workings of the production of food and drink, with the ability to lead a team by example, all in service to the guest.

Sawyer Barron truly embodies this hands-on all-in approach to hospitality. Since late 2017, Sawyer has worked in virtually every single role in the organization working as a prep cook, bar prep, lead cook, lead bartender, and pizza delivery driver (in that order) and, as of September 2021, Bar Manager of Lucille.

Sawyer brings an exceptional curiosity, creativity and technical knowledge to the bar at Lucille, which is known for its fresh, balanced expressive cocktails featuring Madison's largest rum collection. He is the sole curator of our innovative and dynamic 25-tap beer program working directly with the best breweries from Wisconsin and the region.



Since September 2020

Marty's understanding of what it takes to run a successful service in combination with his thorough knowledge of Lucille operations make him a true expert. His ray-of-sunshine demeanor brings immense positivity to Lucille, and his determination to motivate the team never fails!



Since August 2017

Zury's energy lights up the room wherever she goes. Beyond her luminous demeanor, her work ethic is unmatched and her understanding of Lucille truly keeps the restaurant running. The production team's efficiency and organization is made possible by Zury's exemplary leadership!