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About Us



We are located at the gateway of Madison’s historic culinary and entertainment center – the First Settlement District of Madison, WI.  Our locally-sourced, yet globally inspired menu features wood-fired pizza, Wisco-Detroit cheddar-crusted black steel pan pizza and artfully crafted Pan-Latin cuisine.

What We Stand for, Madison's Best Pizza

Lucille is about gathering, celebrating, treating each other and ourselves well.  Lucille is managed by Rule No. One Hospitality, a mission-driven lifestyle company seeking to provide warm, fun and an endlessly interesting mix of inspired programming that challenges, invigorates and delights our guests by celebrating our craft, who we are, what we do and what we believe―capturing the neighborhood’s unique lifestyle and culture.


We Stand For:

  • Humility.  We are modest about capabilities, admit mistakes, and create the space for others to contribute.

  • Collaboration.  We are a team centered around positivity, that stands for one message which involves empowering others, empathizing with each other, and uplifting others as a collective.

  • Respect & Justice.  All team members need to be treated respectfully and fairly. This pertains to equity in pay, and specific attention to physical/mental health, well-being and safety.

  • Love.  Cooking and serving others is a powerful act of caring and love for one another. Let us work together to bring our community together through the power of food and drink.

  • Equity.  Starting in 2020, we have completely redesigned our compensation for our staff. Tips are shared across all hourly-paid staff members, and we ensure a minimum of $15 per hour. 

  • Inclusivity.  We will establish a culturally diverse and inclusive environment, one that specifically supports minorities, all genders, and those historically underrepresented in our industry.  

We stand in solidarity with Black, LGBTQ+, and Indigenous communities everywhere. 

Our Values


Lucille is a restaurant managed by Rule No One Hospitality Group (RNO).  Cook It Forward is a non-profit advocacy arm of Rule No One Hospitality, Inc. with a mission to address ongoing inequities in our food systems.  ​  We are all working collectively on social entrepreneurship, social equity, and social justice-- one meal at a time.

Our Community

A Special Thanks to the Dedicated Local Farmers, Producers & Distributors that Make Our Menu Possible.

Cedar Grove Cheese, Spring  Green, WI   

Carr Valley Cheese, Middleton, WI

Elderberry Hill Farm, Waunakee, WI              Sartori Cheese, Plymouth, WI

Garden To Be, Mt. Horeb, WI                        Vitruvian Farm, McFarland, WI

BelGioioso Cheese, Green Bay, WI

Grande Cheese, Juda, WI

Kin-Kin Coffee, Madison, WI

Tortilleria Zepeda, Lone Rock, WI

Buy Local

Lucille is about gathering, celebrating, and treating each other and ourselves well.

We support those who live our values with culinary training, career opportunities, and great benefits.

Lucille Careers
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